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The licking and biting of his paws can be signs that his paws are itchy. The itchiness can be caused by allergies, fleas, food allergies, injury, or infection. If you notice any hair loss, bumps, redness, or injuries on his paws he needs to be seen by your veterinarian. The licking at the air can be a sign that he has a funny taste in his mouth or that there is something that is causing discomfort in his mouth or throat.
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14 Reasons Dogs Lick Everything

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Why Is My Dog Licking the Air and Biting His Paws - Ask A Vet - Banfield Pet Hospital®

This remark is generally true and the action of licking whether it be for grooming or checking out surfaces in their environment is typically normal behaviour. However, just like anything in life, sometimes normal behaviours can stray into being inappropriate, especially when exaggerated or done too much. The same is true for dogs with licking and it is not unusual to see licking becoming excessive or abnormal for many different reasons. Some animals will repeatedly lick at themselves in one location, multiple regions or all over their body with enough intensity or duration to result in the loss of fur to varying degrees. Frequently alongside the fur loss or in some instances before hair loss has become noticeable, dogs will start to develop skin lesions. Alternatively, some dogs will lick at the air or surfaces in their environment which can include other pets or humans in the household. If done continuously, this behaviour could indicate a problem.
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Why does my dog keep licking?

Many dogs lick their paws and they do it for a variety of reasons. Before you start correcting your dog for the constant licking, it is important to figure out the cause. One very common cause of dogs licking their paws is allergies.
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When your dog licks your face, is it kissing you, or does it mean something else? And perhaps more important, do you like it? Not all animal behaviorists would agree, but Stephanie Borns-Weil, V07, believes a dog that licks its owner is showing affection and a type of bonding behavior. Licking is the next best thing.
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